February 24, 2023
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If you're an Amazon seller, you're probably familiar with the cutthroat competition that exists on the platform. Fortunately, Amazon provides a free program to registered brands that can help them combat trademark infringement and gain an advantage over their competitors.

In this article, we'll explore the benefits of the Amazon Brand Registry program for its participants and explain why brands should seriously consider enrolling in it.

Initially developed to combat counterfeit products and protect brand integrity, the Amazon Brand Registry program has undergone several transformations and now encompasses a variety of services that can give your online business a competitive advantage.

The Amazon Brand Registry program is open to several types of businesses, including manufacturers and private label brand owners, distributors with licensed trademarks, and resellers who have obtained written permission from a brand owner or manufacturer to manage a product's detail page on Amazon.

Enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry program can provide businesses with several benefits, including greater control over their product detail pages, which allows them to customize elements like titles, product descriptions, and images. Additionally, the program permits the listing of products with alternative product identifications beyond UPC and EAN codes. Participants also receive access to advanced seller support and predictive automation, which leverages machine learning algorithms to enhance their Amazon selling experience.

Moreover, businesses that register with Amazon Brand Registry gain access to a range of other valuable tools and programs, including:

1.     A+ Content (or Enhanced Brand Content), which empowers Amazon Sellers to customize their listings to make them more engaging and informative.

2.     The Amazon Stores Builder, which allows businesses to create and maintain a dedicated page that is customized and structured to showcase all their products together on one storefront.

3.     Sponsored Brands Ads, which provide brand owners with access to advanced marketing and advertising tools to help promote their products on Amazon.

4.     Amazon Live Creator, which enables businesses to engage in live chats with potential customers and answer any questions they may have.

5.     The Amazon Vine Program, which invites the most trusted Amazon customers to leave reviews on products, helping to attract new shoppers with honest and unbiased feedback.

6.     The Virtual Bundles Tool, which allows brand owners to create special "bundles" out of several complementary products purchased from a single detail page.

7.     The Amazon Attribution tool, which provides analytics insights into social media, display ads, PPC, and email marketing data.

8.     The Transparency Program, which enables businesses to control who is selling their products.

9.     The Project Zero program, which allows businesses to blacklist users who have violated the terms of service after the infringement has been verified.

To be eligible for enrollment in the Amazon Brand Registry program, brand owners must obtain an active registered trademark from the US Patent and Trademark Office. Typically, the trademark application process takes between 12-18 months to complete before the brand is registered. Amazon provides clear guidelines on the necessary requirements before an application can be submitted.

When submitting an application to enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry program, brand owners must provide the following information:

1. An active registered or pending trademark, which may be text or image-based.

2. A clear image of the brand's logo.

3. A Government Registered Principal Trademark Registration or Serial Number. More resources can be found on the USPTO website.

4. Images that will be used on the brand's products and packaging.

5. The product category or categories in which the brand should be listed.

6. A country-specific trademark registration number, depending on the location of the Amazon marketplace where the brand plans to sell.

Enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry program can add value to a brand owner's efforts to combat hijackers on the platform. While having more control over detail page content is a significant advantage of the program, the most compelling reason to enroll is the ability to expedite the removal of counterfeit listings. It's essential to keep in mind, however, that the program does not provide complete protection against counterfeiters. Although there is no immediate solution to this problem, if used correctly, the Amazon Brand Registry program can be a valuable tool for brand owners in the fight against counterfeits.

If the fraudulent seller is using FBA, removing them from the listing is not a difficult process for brand owners or manufacturers registered on the Brand Registry. Furthermore, Amazon will dispose of any counterfeit inventory if the seller is using FBA. However, non-FBA sellers can still create another seller account with a different name and hop back on a listing after they’ve been removed.

Here are some key points and recommendations for sellers who want to enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry program:

1. It's worth investing in adding a logo to your product and packaging, even though it may cost money and take time, especially if you have a high-selling item.

2. Be prepared for an increase in your cost per unit by around 10% due to branding and special packaging.

3. Keep in mind that while Brand Registry won't completely eliminate counterfeiters, it can make it easier for you to remove fraudulent listings from your product page.

In conclusion, the Amazon Brand Registry program can provide significant advantages to brand owners and manufacturers who are looking to protect their intellectual property and improve their online presence on Amazon. The program allows sellers to have greater control over their product listings, and access to a variety of tools and programs that can help increase sales and brand awareness. While the program does not make brands impervious to counterfeiters, it can expedite the process of removing counterfeit products from listings, making it a valuable tool in the fight against fraudulent sellers. Overall, if you are a brand owner or manufacturer looking to protect your brand and improve your presence on Amazon, enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry program is definitely worth considering.

There is no cost, no obligation and no pressure. And it may be the best 30 minutes you’ve ever spent on getting your business off the ground.

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